Copyright Notice.

     All photographic images, sound files, and video clips on this web-site
     are copyrighted material.  Any redistribution of copyrighted con-
     tent from this web-site is prohibited.

     The following provisions apply:

     1. Most of the clip-art and backgrounds are public domain and may be
         used freely.  The only restricted pieces of clip-art are the wheel
         logo and RSWEB logo on the main page.  The RSWEB logo is copy-
         righted by Dave Festa and may not be used without his consent.

     2. Users are permitted to download files to their personal computers
         provided no furthur distribution occurs.

     3. This copyright restriction does not apply to the following person(s):

         a.  Photographers whose work is displayed on the site may use
              those images without restriction.

         b.  Musicians may use the audio files of their music without

         c.  Skaters appearing in a video clip may redistribute that clip
              without restriction.  However, the video clips of the US National 
              Championships ARE subject to any limitations imposed by
              USA Roller Sports.

     My monthly bandwidth allowance is not infinite.  Therefore, you are
     asked NOT to link directly to these files.  If you wish to use one of
     my graphics, please transfer it to your own server.