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Personal Profile: Eric Smith

(Shameless self-glorification)

I live in suburban Washington, DC. I'm originally from PA and moved here about 15 years ago. I live in Montgomery Villlage, MD which is about ten miles from DC. I am currently single, but hope to change that before I'm 40. If anyone's interested (sorry, women only), click on my e-mail and drop me a line. You don't neccesarily have to be a skater, but it helps.

I've been skating since I was about 12 years old, but it's been in the last eight years I've gotten into competitive skating. I currently skate Novice Dance in the Southeastern Region. If you're going to be in DC, drop me a line and we'll hit one of the rinks together.

I like the X-files, the FAR SIDE, and Dilbert. I would put links to them here, but there are a bazillion links to these sites, so I figure the web doesn't really need one more. I also like Married with Children and Seinfeld.

I'm always up to trading e-mail about skating or any other topic which you want to write about. Drop me a line.

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