Other artistic roller skating sites on the Web

For a look at the sport from the competitors point of view, check out Dean Morss's competitors skating page.

Roller Skating Site in Holland Proving that Artistic Roller Skating is indeed an international sport.

The British Roller Skating Homepage. Information from and about the British Roller Skating Federation. Club listings, test structures, and competitive dates can be found on this page.

George Robbins has a HUGE rink directory with information on where to skate

Sandra Neer has web pages profiling her two sons: Jess, and younger brother Tommy.

USAC/RS is the governing body for competitive roller skating in the United States. Their official web-site is now up.

The World Skating Information Page has artistic, ice, and hockey information on both Roller and Ice Skating. They have a good artistic roller skating schedule page.

A new Australian Artistic Roller Skating site has been created by Craig Marlow.

The Forum Skating Club of Grand Prarie, TX has put together a web-site with lots of great photos.

The Florham Park Skating Club Hompage. Nice site with information about their rink and skating club.

The Rollerdrome Skating Club, located in Euclid, Ohio has a new web-page profiling their club and it's members.

The Big Wheel Skating Club, in Arlington, TX, has a new web-page profiling their club with pics of all their members. They also have news and events of the South Central Region.

Wheels in motion, in Wharton, NJ, has a new web-site with lots of info about their rink and skating club. The club boasts a very impressive coaching staff.

Riverside Artistic Club, in Livonia, Michigan, has a new web-site with lots of info about their rink and skating cluba as well as competitions in the Great Lakes Region.

IfilmSk8rs, USARS as seen through the eyes of Great Lakes Region skater, judge, and host videographer. Join the AXEL CLUB while you're there.

The Northland Skating Club of Detroit has a new web-site. They are a brand new club with new coaches and new skaters joining the USARS roster.

I met Tricia Houle, world-class freestyle and figure skater online. Check out her web-page and send her e-mail. She LOVES e-mail!

The Oaks Roller Rink, continuously operating since May 30, 1905, has a museum page detailing the history of their rink. It has some really cool pictures of some old-time sessions as well as their massive Wurlitzer pipe organ.

The The Reflections Skating Club is putting together a site for their club in Kissimmee, Florida.

If you know of any additional sites, please let me know.

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